Methylgloxal (MGO) is the primary compounds in Manuka honey


Methylgloxal (MGO) has been scientifically confirm as one the primary, naturally-occruuing compounds in Manuka honey. Renowned for is's antibacterial properties, MGO can occur in varying concentrations, influenced by factors such as hive placement and harvest time. In 2007, the MGO rating system was introduced to grade honey based on MGO level and provide consumers with a reliable indicator of

MGO is the official Manuka honey grading standard of the New Zealand MPI(Ministry of Agriculture and Primary Industry)

When Professor Thomas Henle from the Technical University of Dresden in Germany endeavoured to isolate what was responsible for producing this antibacterial effect,he discovered a compound called methylgloxal(MGO).MGO was found to be the reason for Manuka honey's unique properties and today, it's presence in honey is a trusted indicator of it's antibacterial activity

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HILL laboratories is the third-party testing laboratory in New Zealand.
APISDO ensures that every bottle of Manuka honey is certified and tested by HILL LAB to ensure the reliable quality of Manuka honey from nature.