Green your life!

Sharing this treasure with you

Pristine rivers, dense native forest and rugged coastlines. This is New Zealand. A land of raw natural beauty and home to some of the worlds most unique flora and fauna. Of these, perhaps most special is the Manuka flower, holding a treasured nectar that when gathered by honeybees produces the purest honey in the world. At APISDO, we are dedicated to sharing this treasure with you.

We came from Matamata

Like the product we sell, our love for honey came naturally. As a small family from Matamata with an adoration for the serenity of the countryside, we developed a passion for living off the land. This we believe, is one of life’s greatest gifts. Nature has the power to nurture us, shelter us, and in the case of Manuka honey, the power to lift our health, wellbeing and happiness. This is something we came to realise the day we first collected Manuka honey from our family beehive.

A family secret

Beginning as a family secret, the word soon got out and as the love for our honey grew, so too did our love for producing it. From Whitianga to Christchurch and everywhere in between, we searched high and low for the richest soils and best conditions, sampling all the honey you could imagine, until eventually, we perfected a Manuka honey so pure and unique we were proud to give it our name and share it with the world.

This is our promise to you

From our hardworking beekeepers who continue to scour the country in search of the finest honey available, to the scientists who rigorously test it for purity and quality, we pride ourselves on taking the utmost care from hive to jar. The result? Premium Manuka honey with the natural goodness of New Zealand in every drop.